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 XML for CMI Communications (CMI-013) www.aicc.org the new specification allows the person taking the course to download online course materials and review the online course completely disconnected from the Internet while being tracked by a local version of an LMS. CMI-013 will allow LMSs to integrate with third-party offline players in a standard way - greatly expanding interoperability. Offline CMI will be an open, data model agnostic, architecture that will work with the AICC/CMI data model, SCORM/IEEE data model, and others as they become available. 

Open Learning Services Architecture (OLSA) http://www.skillsoft.com/products/documents/OLSA_FAQ.pdf

SkillSoft's Open Learning Services Architecture (OLSA) is a set of Web services that enables developers to integrate SkillSoft content and services into their respective platforms. The OLSA Partners listed below have all used OLSA Web Services to provide additional features, such as streamlined course loading, catalog synchronization, seamless login or automated reporting. See the grid at the bottom of this page for more details.


The OLSA Federated Search web service enables the LMS to present, in addition to courses, links to additional Skillsoft learning assets such as Job Aids, SkillBriefs, Books and videos. Any enhancements that SkillSoft makes to their search feature will benefit our clients with no additional investment in integration work