Pros and Cons

  • Weight, Tablet, 1.5 pounds,
  • Long battery-life (10 hours)
  • Speed/Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Full screen (limited) web browser
  • Large number of free applications
  • Wireless (Wifi) internet access, optional cellular (for a fee)
  • On Screen keyboard, physical option
  • Similar to iPod Touch, don’t think of it as a computer (video out, file system, print, etc.)
  • Apple doesn’t allow institutional App purchase
  • No support for Flash or Java
  • Minimal device and content management
  • Textbook Apps for Higher Ed limited
  • Tied to an individual’s iTunes account
  • First Generation Device (some WiFi issues)
  • $99 Battery replacement(mail in)
  • No multi account, limited multitasking available in Fall
  • Creation/editing may require paid apps
  • No support for library ebooks
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