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  1. http://www.ipadlearninglab.com/
  2. Rutgers: Testing in a Mini-MBA executive program, assistance provided by Apple, and new app development, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onOhsws8j6U
  3. Seton Hill University: Giving Apple’s new computing tablet to each of its 2,000-odd full-time students (not just  incoming students). The school has provided Macbooks to students for several years and is a predominately Mac campus. Parent Orientation presentation.
  4. George Fox University: Phasing out a laptop giveaway program in favor of a choice of laptop or  iPads, Fox is a Mac only campus iPad Cconfiguration is  The iPad Bundle consists of: 32G iPad with Dock, Wireless Keyboard and Camera Connection Kit, 2 years of Apple Care, and iTunes Gift Card for iWorks+.  As of early July given a choice between Macbook and iPad  only 12% selected iPad
  5. North Carolina State University:30 devices for Loaning ipads to students through the library for 4 hr loans. North Carolina State University Libraries announced this past spring that it acquired 30 iPads to offer students and faculty for four-hour loans as part of the school’s Technology Lending Service. That service offers a variety of devices for loan to students, including laptops, digital cameras, eBook readers, graphing calculators, and more. In addition to browsing the web and “evaluating whether this latest platform is something you want to invest in for the future,” the iPads can be used to read some of the 9,000 eBooks NC State recently acquired.  also student bloggers
  6. University of Maryland at College Park:  iPads for students in its Digital Cultures and Creativity program The University of Maryland will give an iPad to 75 honors students enrolled in the Digital Cultures and Creativity living and learning program. The device will be the main tool for content delivery and instruction. Students will also learn how to develop their own apps.  The iPad program is part of a larger Mobility Initiative designed to integrate mobile devices into the curriculum at UM.
  7. Abilene Christian University: Expansion of the well established 1:1 iphone/iPod Touch program
  8. Freed-Hardeman University
  9. Oklahoma State University (citation)
  10. Duke Global Health InstitutePilotDuke University's Global Health Institute will test how the iPad can be used to increase field research efficiency in low-resource settings. Students in a master’s course in global health research at Duke University’s Global Health Institute will be given iPads to use for field work. “Our primary goal is to equip our students with a toolset that allows them to make the most of their time in the field,” said Associate Professor of Sociology Jen’nan Read, who will be teaching the class. The students will have models with 3G networking as well as pre-installed apps for collecting data, importing media files, and graphing results.
  11. Houston Community College (Southwest)25 anatomy and physiology students at Houston Community College will participate in a pilot program where they will have access to electronic textbooks. Students pay about $200 per traditional t
  12. Luther College
  13. Northwest Kansas Technical College  and here
  14. UC Santa Cruz
  15. Central Piedmont Community College
  16. Washington College
  17. Reed College (unconfirmed): Reed College will repeat an experiment that tested student preference of textbooks loaded on a Kindle versus traditional paper textbooks this fall, this time using iPads. Students in the previous experiment preferred the dead-tree edition to using a Kindle DX, despite the obvious advantage of not hauling heavy books all over campus. Expectations are that the iPad will fare better with students than the Kindle did. “If I were to predict, I would say that the results are going to be dramatically different and much better,” Martin D. Ringle, chief technology officer at Reed College, told The Chronicle of Higher Education, “and they’re going to point the way to what role this technology is going to play in higher education.”
  18. Pepperdine http://services.pepperdine.edu/techlearn/tools/ipadresearch.htm
  19. Michigan State University
  20. Old Dominion University http://www.odu.edu/ao/news/index.php?todo=details&id=22948
  21. Stanford University
  22. University of Oregon
  23. Texas A & M, College of Education, University at Qatar Library
  24. Freed-Hardman University
  25. Gallaudet University http://elearning.gallaudet.edu/iPad.xml
  26. MIT--http://www.resourceshelf.com/2010/05/14/mits-lewis-music-library-begins-lending-ipad-to-students-faculty-staff/
  27. Virginia Tech: Offering the loan of iPads for Faculty and Staff
  28. Penn State
  29. Sweet Briar University
  30. Arizona State University
  31. UC San Diego, School of Engineering
  32. Indiana University  (citation)
    http://tinyurl.com/2fuwjhf (call for proposals and application form)
    http://tinyurl.com/247f5lc (information session slides)
    http://tinyurl.com/396jqv4 (Faculty Learning Community video)
  33. Scottsdale Community College
  34. University of Wisconsin at Madison
  35. University of Virginia, Moore Library is offering iPads for checkout
  36. La Sierra University (iPhone)
  37. Illinois Institute of TechnologyA technology initiative will give all incoming freshman undergraduates—about 550 students—an iPad to use as a technological enhancement to the curriculum. Because all freshman are required to take several introductory courses, such as “Introduction to the Professions,” software, e-texts, and other resources will be uniform for those courses.
  38. Vassar College (blog on exploration of uses)
  39. Wake Forrest Library
  40. University of Adelaide
  41. The pilot initiative involves all first-year undergraduate science students next year receiving a free Apple iPad to use with online curriculum, eliminating up to $1000 in annual textbook costs within three years.The Faculty of Sciences' executive dean, Professor Bob Hill, said the aim was to reinvigorate the learning experience for students studying science at the university and make it more appealing as a highly sought-after and diverse career pathway
  42. Williston State, in North Dakota, Gives iPads to Its Full-Time Professors

  43. Central Michigan University Internal Listserver for ipad testers
  44. Shenandoah (ipod)
  45. University of california Medical school, UC Irvine, http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/news/article/23822
  46. Penn State
    1. Ed Davis, Systems Administrator, AAIT, College of Arts and Architecture 

other http://www.teach42.com/

lasses throughout the state will be using iPads in various pilot programs, and Oklahoma Christian University is offering them to all incoming students.

At the University of Oklahoma, students are snapping up the gadgets, and professors and regents are using them for research.

Students can store electronic textbooks on the iPad, as well as take notes during class, watch lectures or presentations and check on grades and assignments.

Instead of information being in hefty texts and numerous notebooks, it will be a finger-tap away on the 11/2 pound device that is about 10 inches tall, 8 inches wide and a half-inch thick.

The learning curve isn't likely to be very steep for the texting high school graduates who are used to spending time online and on a computing device.

Bill Handy, visiting assistant professor at Oklahoma State University, is leading a pilot project that will give iPads to about 120 business and communications students. He is spending the summer recording all of his lectures, so students can watch them any time and come to class ready to take advantage of the time they have with the instructor and other students.

"If they're ready to listen to a lecture at 10 o'clock at night, they can do so," he said. "And they can do it in an environment where they're ready to learn."

Handy tried the technique once last semester, and every student watched the video. Most came back asking him to do that more often, adding that their friends thought the idea was great, too.

The textbooks chosen for the courses will be available on the iPad, and most will cost about $100 less than the traditional version. Users can perform searches within the text, highlight portions, take notes and jump to any chapter immediately, Handy said.

He's had his iPad for a couple of months and has gotten used to it quickly. He had no problems typing a six-page memo on the virtual keyboard, and he has found reading on the device to be a delight, he said.

"What it does is it allows a lot more mobility and a lot more functionality," he said.

And if students find as Handy has that they don't print nearly as much as they used to, the university could save a substantial amount of money on paper and ink.

At Tulsa Community College, Gornie Williams is looking forward to the same benefits. As associate dean of business and information technology, he is leading a pilot project that will put iPads in the classrooms for about 20 students in project management.

Using the technology in the classroom will prepare them for the business world, when an e-mail or text message could change the parameters of a project immediately and immensely, Williams said